1955 Desk Revamp Tutorial

As Promised, Here is the Tutorial for how I revamped my desk using Annie Sloans Chalk Paint. Below is a list of the things used.

Step 1: Clean the desk with a lint free cloth to get rid of any dust that might have settled on it.
Step 2: Since I wanted 2 colors on the top of the desk, I went ahead and used a ruler to measure out a rectangle, which will be filled in with my gray paint (French Linen)
Step 3:  Remove the desk's drawers
Step 4: Unscrew the hardware using a Screwdriver


Step 5: Pour your paint (Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Old White and French Linen) into a Trim Cup . A disposable cup will work just as well. You only need to pour a little amount of paint into your cup. The paint dries fast and can get really pasty when exposed to air. You can always pour some more into your cup when you need it.
Step 6: Paint Paint Paint. Remember to work fast as chalk paint tends to dry quickly. I applied more 2 layers of paint (Waited for the first layer to dry and then applied a second layer).



Step 7: After the second layer of paint, I waited a few hours before I used a Metallic Glaze paint with a Craft Brush to outline the detailing of my desk. This step was the most time consuming. I do not have steady hands and so I had to take my time and be patient enough to make sure I did not paint areas that did not need to be detailed.
Step 8:  After detailing the desk, I waited till the next day to wax my desk. Waxing acts as a protective layer for your furniture. Wax is very tricky to work with. One thing to note is that when waxing, you do not want to apply too much product. If you apply too muh wax to your furniture, you will most likely have to wait for a few days before your wax completely dries. I used Annie Sloan's Ultimate Wax Brush for this step. I stippled only a little bit of wax onto the tip of my brush and then waxed my desk in the same direction as when I painted the desk. I waxed the top of my desk twice since this is the portion of the desk that will get some wear and the legs and body only once.

**Sometime soon, I plan on applying Annie Sloan's dark wax on this desk. Being that it is from 1955, dark wax will give it a subtule antique look that it is currently lacking. I will be posting a picture of the desk when dark wax has been applied to it.

Here is my desk in all its glory.

I also changed the Fabric that was on the bench into this lovely velvet fabric. Might I add that I think the Fabric and the grey paint match really well.


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