How to Clean Hardware

One of my all time Favorite thing about Antique furniture is its hardware. I have seen some very unique looking hardware since I started antiquing and beautiful as most of them were, the one thing they a had in common (apart from being beautiful) was that they were all so dirty. Some people cannot see past the years of dust and dirt that has accumulated on hardware and might get thrown off by it. Well not to worry. There is certainly a way to make your hardware look shiny again.

Enter Brasso . This magic in a bottle works wonders and at under $3, you couldn't ask for a better product. Yes it smells extremely toxic and yes it is extremely harsh on your hardware, but its the only way I have been able to restore most of my hardware to their former glory. Put some brasso all over your hardware, let it sit for about 20 minutes, scrub hardware with a toothbrush or some steel wool, Repeat as needed till your hardware becomes as shiny as you like.

Enjoy 2 of my before and Afters.
                    I used it to restore the hardware on my 1955 desk. I dint want it to be extremely shiny, as I was still going for the old look.

                     I also used it to restore my 1870's French Mirror (also gotten from Roundtop)


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