Revamp of my 1955 Desk/ Vanity

In March, I attended the Roundtop Antique weekend in Roundtop Texas. While on the quest for french furniture, one of the antique dealers I occasionally visit told me about the show. After that, I could have sworn a gazillion other people also told me Roundtop was the place to go to find all the goodies. One time, while I was making my saturday rounds to Antique stores, I even heard a group of people discussing their strategy on how to go shop at Roundtop.

Uncomfortable as the hour and a half trip was, I believe it was worth it. My main find was this 1955 writing desk/ Vanity. I knew I had to have it the moment I saw those legs. Seeing the beautiful but very dirty hardware the desk was sporting dint hurt either. Here is how the desk turned out after I gave it a paint job and cleaned the Hardware.

Did I also mention that I copped a dresser that matches this desk? I DID!!!! A Tutorial on the tools I used and the steps I took in revamping this desk will be coming up after this post.


  1. Wow.. I'm really impressed. This is really beautiful. Please post the tutorial of the steps and tools used.. Thanks

  2. Thank you. A tutorial has been posted.