How To: Use Pinterest for Beginners: Part 1

Pinterest is one of my favorite tools for gathering inspiration when it comes to design, fashion, food and pretty much anything else.

When I first signed up for an account, I did not understand what to do and so I ignored my account for about 5 months and then revisited it again.

This time, with some patience and a few mistakes, I was able to get a hang of it.

Hopefully this tutorial helps you understand how to easily maneuver around the Pinterest site so you too can start gathering inspiration for whatever project you might have in mind.

Step 1: Sign up for an account using your Facebook account or email address.

Step 2: Click on the email confirmation in your mailbox. This helps confirm your account.

Step 3: Once your account is confirmed, Pinterest will suggest popular Pinterest accounts for you to follow. This is a good way to gather interesting sources of inspiration. Be sure to follow Houseofniyemania as well.

Step 4:  The fun thing about Pinterest is that you can create folders (a.k.a.boards) for specific categories. So if you want a board dedicated to interior design, fitness, fashion, beauty, you can create a board for each category.

To create a board, on the top right hand corner, you will see a + (plus sign). Click on the plus sign, then click on create board.

You can name the board whatever you like. If you want to keep the board secret so that no one else see's what you are pinning on there, you can select yes as the answer to the question keep it a secret?

You are now ready to start pinning away. Click here for part 2 to see how to easily get the most use out of Pinterest.

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