Do you know your design style?


          Hi Guys. I am writing a much needed post to help anyone out there who might have an idea what they like when it comes to design, but isn't certain what that style is called. I was talking to someone last weekend who named her style as the exact opposite of the details she described.This is when I got the aha aha moment to write this post.
          Once you know the name of the style that best suits you, this will save you a lot of time, since you can narrow your search to sites or stores that only carry items in the style you like,  instead of looking through every store(which can be frustrating).

          That said, there are so many styles that come about as a deviation from another style. There are too many of these styles to write about, so I have narrowed this post down to just the core styles. You will quickly find that once you know the style you like, you can create a mix between styles to give you your desired look.

Traditional Design

This style is by far the most popular design style known to most people.  

  • Color Palette: Rich Colors.
  • Design Details: Elaborate details and Abundant use of Molding e.g. Dentil Molding
  • Style: Semi-Formal, but still providing comfort.
  • Furniture Types / Finish: Warm/Dark woods.
  • Fabric Type: Plush fabrics like Silk, Cotton, Wool, Mohair    

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    Eclectic Design
          Eclectic design is for those who like the look of traditional designs, but do not enjoy the rigidity of it. Eclectic design allows you mix different styles. This is why it is sometimes confused for a design style where anything goes. This is not the case.

  • Color Palette: Bright Colors.
  • Design Details: Vintage Pieces and lots of accessories.
  • Style: Very Inviting.
  • Furniture Types / Finish: Furniture from all different styles.
  • Fabric: Combination of Solid and Mixed Prints.        

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    Modern Design

    Modern design is for you if you are one who likes uncluttered, sleek open spaces. Modern design and Contemporary design are often used interchangeably, when infact, they are not the same thing.

  • Color Palette: Neutrals (lots of white and soft white) and Blacks.
  • Design Details: Very simple shapes.
  • Style: Lacquered and Sleek.
  • Furniture Types / Finish: Glass, Chrome or some Wood with Natural or Lacquered finishes
  • Fabric:  Neutral upholstered furniture or Leather 

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    Contemporary Design

    Contemporary design stems from the modern design. Contemporary designs make artistic statements and often contain surprising elements. 

  • Color Palette: Neutrals with an infusion of bold colors.
  • Design Details: Spherical shapes, straight lines, sharp corners.
  • Style: Sleek.
  • Furniture Types / Finish: Glass, Chrome, Steel.
  • Fabric: Natural fabrics focusing on textures and tones with lots of geometric patterns and shapes 

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              Now that you have figured out what style you are most attracted to and what it is called, you can begin to mix styles to achieve your own personal style. For me, my design style is a mix of Traditional and Eclectic designs. 

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