Here's a list of the 101 things I would love to accomplish in the next 1001 days( 2.74 years) - This happens to fall on exactly my 28th birthday- March 21st 2017.

  1. Come up with 101 things.   ✔ June 25th 2014
  2. Inspire 5 people to write 1001 things.
  3. Intern with Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita- I love her work
  4. Exercise M-F for three months straight
  5. Eat healthy for 1 month straight- No cheat days.
  6. Have my home featured on an online site.
  7. Meet Sam of The Peak of Tres Chic.  ✔ July 31st 2014 (We go to the the same school)
  8. Guest post on The Peak of Tres Chic.
  9. Do Interior Design Full Time.
  10. Create a business logo.
  11. Get business cards.
  12. Migrate from a blogger platform to a word press platform.
  13. Get someone to build my website.
  14. Learn minor web coding in case something goes wrong with my site.
  15. Finish my front door redo.
  16. Finish my dining room.
  17. Finish guest bathroom upstairs.
  18. Finish breakfast nook.
  19. Finish dining room.
  20. Finish living room.
  21. Finish master bedroom.
  22. Finish guest bedroom.
  23. Finish my office space upstairs.
  24. Finish guest bathroom upstairs.
  25. Meet Agatha of Ironyofashi- She’s beautiful.
  26. Attend a blogger meet up in Houston.
  27. Get my first design client.
  28. Blog for 20 days in a month.
  29. Get to 10,000 pins on Pinterest.
  30. Have my first blog giveaway.
  31. Call each member of my family once a week for 1 month straight
  32. Take a calligraphy class.
  33. Meet Bailey of biscuit home.
  34. Organize my Bloglovin account
  35. Visit the Zoo in my city.✔ July 9th 2014 ( I was in awe of the Giraffes) 
  36. Travel to France.
  37. Travel to China.
  38. Travel to Bora Bora.
  39. Visit New Orleans.
  40. Get a Mac desk top. ✔ July 21st 2014 (I got this as a gift. Thank you!!)
  41. Visit my sister in England.
  42. Get 1,000 Instagram followers.
  43. Get 300 blog followers.
  44. Set up my business.
  45. Visit an Art gallery
  46. Read 10 books.
  47. Have someone guest post on my blog.
  48. Try out 5 DIY from Pinterest
  49. Learn AutoCAD
  50. Learn how to sew
  51. Visit Morocco
  52. Visit Cancun
  53. Read the entire bible
  54. Create a Pin that goes Viral
  55. Go 1 month without making an impulse buy.
  56. Get Laser Hair Removal
  57. Learn how to dance
  58. Go salsa dancing
  59. Learn 1 new word everyday for 1 month.
  60. Clean out the garage
  61. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily for 2 weeks.
  62. Avoid soda for 6 months
  63. Watch the notebook.   ✔ July 13th 2014 (I dint cry)
  64. Go to a concert
  65. Take a Bikram yoga class
  66. Volunteer to a cause
  67. Feed the Homeless
  68. Visit two museums
  69. Go to a Farmers market
  70. Attend a networking Event
  71. Run the entire length of a 5K.
  72. Get my things out storage
  73. Clean out my closet
  74. Do the 30 miles in 30 days challenge
  75. Write a letter to my future self to be opened on my 28th, 29th and 30th birthday
  76. Go on an all girls trip
  77. Purchase 3 audio books and listen to them.
  78. Get my dogs a doggie gate.
  79. Try Crossfit
  80. Get the Wireless Dre Beats Speakers.
  81. Meditate for 10 minutes each day for a week
  82. Go technology free for 24 hours.
  83. Visit Palm beach
  84. Have my house photographed professionally
  85. Donate my Car to a good cause
  86. Grow my nails out evenly
  87. Throw a dinner party
  88. See a movie at a drive in theatre
  89. Visit Bottega Louie in LA
  90. Visit the rose bowl flea market
  91. Change my laptop case
  92. Use each one of my 11 phone cases
  93. Buy a pair of jeans
  94. Create an inspiration board that isn’t digital
  95. See a play
  96. Meet Ashley Rose of sugarandcloth
  97. Start a collection
  98. Clear my amazon wish list
  99. Sort my makeup collection.
  100. Say a prayer every morning and night.

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