Steal of the week.

      Todays steal comes from Joss and Main. Just incase you are not familiar with the site, it is a daily deal site, that has several deals for a few days and then those deals are gone. Sometimes, you might be lucky to catch the same deal again after a few weeks. If you do see something you like, and really have to get it, I say bite the bullet because chances are you might not be as lucky to catch the deal some other time, or even worse, due to the popular demand of such sites, it might be sold out if you take too long thinking about it.

      I have been searching for a zebra hide rug for a long time. Although I have come across quiet a handful of them, they were either too pricey or looked too shabby. Today, Joss and Main is having a lofty living event sale and they have this chic zebra rug that just happens to be the right size I have been searching for. 4'6" X 6'6".  Best of all the rug is priced at just a little under $210

If you are in search of a zebra rug, I would urge you to head on over and see for yourself. Create an account here if you do not have one already. Its totally free.

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